Welcome To Kuldeep E-Waste Disposals

MPCB Authorized E-Waste Management Company

We mainly work on old Computers, Laptops & Desktops (working & non-working), CRT & LCD/LED Monitors, LCD's, Lan Cables, EPABX, UPS, Inverter, Printers, Scanners, PCB's, Cables, Telecom Equipments & House hold Electronic Equipments.

In operation from the 1st of May 2011 apropos/in accordance with these rules,MPCB issued authorization/license to Mr.Kuldeep E-Waste Materials,based at Pune W.E.F July 2011 for handling,collection,reception,storage, transportation and disposal of E-Waste.We have 10 years of experience of Waste management services.Electronics and Electrical equipment which are non functional,surplus,end of life are called as E-Waste WEEE(Waste from Electrical and Electronic equipments).Environmentally sound management of E-Waste means taking all steps required to ensure that E-Waste is managaged in a manner that protects health and environment that against any adverse effects resulting from it.Logistics/transportation of E-Waste is very important factor since the waste procured must be handled very carefully.After collection of E-Waste from you we seperate the "in working condition" units for re-use from other dead units.Data destruction with the help of power tools we destroy the data storage devices.

If given to us and generate reports for all destroyed E-Waste which may have any data whatsoever.Each destroyed data storage device report certificate with serial numbers on our letterhead can be provided,if our clients demands the same.