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Ensuring a healthier and greener planet for our future generations

 We live in the digital age today where e-Waste is posing a serious threat to both human life and the environment. As sensible citizens who care about our planet, it is our collective responsibility to preserve and protect the earth’s ecological heritage. Donating e-Waste is a positive step in conserving resources and reducing pollution.

At Kuldeep e-Waste, we appeal to corporate houses to donate their e-Waste and join hands with us in the wider mission of making the earth a cleaner and healthier place.

Benefits of recycling

  • Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators
  • Lesser waste ending up in landfills and incinerators means lower soil pollution and carbon emissions
  • Reduces air and water pollution which is caused by hazardous waste disposal
  • Conserves resources by recovering metals and other useful materials
  • Reduces the volume of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Creates new jobs opportunities both for skilled and semi-skilled individuals
  • Helps the economy by boosting trade in the form of a second market for recycled products

CSR initiatives

Don’t trash out your used electronic items. Instead, donate them for a wider social cause. Old computers, laptops, scanner, printers, etc. in your office could be used to promote computer literacy and give almost free access to technology for needy people in society.

We work closely with corporates to align e-Waste donation with their CSR program.  By connecting you with the right partners, we help you donate your e-Waste to NGOs as well as directly to beneficiaries (schools, colleges, civic institutes, etc.) 

Paying Generates

Kuldeep e-Waste takes away all your e-waste, right from your doorstep and pays you money for right value of your e-Waste donation.They Pay consumers to take back e-waste.

Doorstep service

Our doorstep e-Waste pick up facility maximizes your convenience by saving precious time and effort.

Service at door step

Kuldeep Ewaste disposals is leading electronic waste recycling company in Pune. Established in 2011, we are an MPCB-authorized vendor for e-Waste collection and disposal for Pune city.We pickup material at your door step. It takes away all your e-waste, right from your doorstep. It Helps you in your convenient and save your precious time

MPCB Approved

Kuldeep e-Waste, Established in 2011, is MPCB-authorized vendor for e-Waste collection and disposal for Pune city. We have a robust setup comprising a 3,500 SQF facility at Katraj (Pune), backed by a fleet of specialized trucks for logistics support.

Kuldeep e-Waste: MPCP-authorized e-Waste vendor

Kuldeep e-Waste is an MPCB-approved e-Waste vendor that is authorized to collect and dispose e-Waste from clients. We specialize in the systematic collection, transportation and disposal of wide-ranging e-Waste materials in strict compliance with the latest provisions of the ‘e-Waste Handling and Disposal Rules, 2016’.

Green Certificate

We issue a ‘Green Certificate’ to each of our clients after safe and systematic disposal of their e-Waste. This Certificate is a valid proof towards statutory compliance as per CPCB norms. It is also a testament of your commitment to protecting and preserving the environment

Green Certificate

Kuldeep Ewaste provide Green Certificate of your E-waste donation. We provide a ‘Green Certificate’ to each of our clients after donation of their e-waste. Being MPCB-authorized vendor for e-Waste collection and disposal for Pune, it is our responsibility to follow all the compliances as per the law offer a hassle free service to our clients.

What exactly is e-Waste?

E-Waste essentially consists of discarded computers, laptops, CRT & LCD/LED monitors, printers, scanners, television sets and electronic entertainment devices, among other electronic items.

Compliance aspects

As per the provisions of the e-Waste Handling & Disposal Rules, 2016 it is mandatory for business organizations to dispose their E-Waste through authorized e-Waste vendors certified by the respective State Pollution Board. Failure to comply with these rules could attract penalty and invite legal action too.

The perils of e-pollution

E-Waste is harming the ecosystem and posing a threat to life on the planet in many ways:

  • After e-Waste is dumped into landfills, harmful chemicals like lead, mercury and cadmium percolate into the ground; they contaminate both soil and water
  • E-waste takes an extended time to decompose as compared to other materials, thus increasing the risk of contamination
  • Incinerating e-Waste leads to the release of pollutants into the air (such as dioxins that can cause cancer if inhaled)
  • Unskilled labour’s engaged in scrap collection are at high risk from the toxic chemicals used in electronic devices

Why Choose Us?

  • Rapid response service with doorstep pick-up facility
  • Proven 5-step process as per CPCB guidelines: Collection, Transportation, Segregation, Dismantling and Recycling
  • Team of dedicated, experienced workers trained to safely handle all types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • Fleet of specialized vehicles for sustainable transportation
  • Systematic processing and disposal of hazardous waste
  • Green Certificate for clients

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