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It probably says a lot about how far we have come as a society that in 2008, environmental policy across business and government is not an afterthought or a footnote on an agenda to bear in mind. However when you consider that it has taken the erosion of our selfish liberties like how much water we are able to use and how much it is now costing us at the petrol bowser for us to reevaluate our priorities. This combined with the guilt of a movie like an ‘Inconvenient Truth’ and a Generation Y screaming for change now reach both voting age and positions of influence and financial clout that a true picture can really be seen.

If we examine the technological industry minus the hysterics that often accompany these debates, one could draw the conclusion that little progress is being made at all. One of our biggest issues is e-waste and we are all guilty of this pleasure fueling this problem. If you ponder a moment the 2000s and your own home circumstances as best as you can recall.

In your household, how many TVs, mobile phones and computers have you owned collectively in this decade? As a rough guide the average modern middle class family averages a mobile phone per person in a home and replaces a phone once every two years.

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