How E waste Recycling Works?

Every year globally we generate 20-50 millions  e waste. According to the sources only 20% out of that get recycled.

& Today we are going to know how e waste recycling works?

One compelling reason is that 70% of toxic materials in land field are comprise of e waste.

Talking about 70% of toxic material comprises of  electronics such as nickle cadmium batteries, CRT(consist of 5 pounds Lead), this makes great impact to recycle.

Let’s check out behind the scenes what happen to these materials after they are collected.

E waste Recycling Works

e waste recycling process infographic
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  1. Dis-mental the batteries, hard drives from PC’s
  2. In warehouse copiers remove the toner before shredding them.
  3. Separate the un-shredding material devices such as TV’S LCD & Batteries


In this point we sort the shredding materials on mechanical separation.

Two separate lines One handles ferrous material like steel or anything contain iron content. & Other line handles non ferrous materials like alumnium, copper, & other things find in electronics.

At the shredders output side  magnet is pulling ferrous materials out.

It is economical & feasible way to recycle e waste. simply because we try to deconstruct everything you won’t able to keep up A & B a cost would be lot higher.

So  really try to shred lines essentially de manufactured it & break it down elaborate the materials from each other so that we at classification line the machine can sort everything out.

Classification Line

So at the last section of separation i.e classification line here try to do separate out materials those back into raw components.

Using sensors on the conveyor belt the copper, stainless steel, are separated from plastic material.

& Here we get the plastic & electronic that can be used to recycle.

Hope you have get the clear idea about how e waste recycling is works.

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