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Kuldeep e-Waste Disposals specializes in the E Waste Collection in Pune , transportation and disposal of wide-ranging e-Waste materials in strict compliance with the latest provisions of the ‘e-Waste Handling and Disposal Rules, 2016’.

Established in 2011, we are an MPCB-authorized vendor for e-Waste collection and disposal for Pune city. We have a robust setup comprising a 3,500 SQF facility at Katraj (Pune), backed by a fleet of specialized trucks for logistics support.

Our team of experienced, well-trained professionals brings a high level of technical expertise in e-Waste management. Capitalizing on our team and proven process, we are strongly positioned to meet the complex e-Waste challenges in your business.


To provide integrated e-Waste management solutions to our clients with focus on safety, cost optimization and service excellence.


Our Vision is to emerge as the trusted market leader in e-Waste management by adopting best industry practices and strictly ensuring compliance.


Higher convenience

We offer doorstep pick-up service; we are just a phone call away.

More value

We buy all types of branded computer/laptops/PCs, which make the deal more cost-efficient for our clients.

Better support

Our team of friendly experts is always available to help you with any issues relating to E waste management.

So Above These Factors Make Us Best E Waste Buyer in Pune


3R Mantra’s

Logistics/transportation of E Waste is very important factor since the waste procured must be handled very carefully. After collection of electronic scrap from you we separate the “in working condition” units for re-use from other dead units. Data destruction with the help of power tools we destroy the data storage devices.If given to us and generate reports for all destroyed E Waste which may have any data whatsoever.Each destroyed data storage device report certificate with serial numbers on our letterhead can be provided,if our clients demands the same.


This is the most effective of the 3R Mantra’s. The best way of e waste management is to not produce it. Refusing to buy into the latest fad and reducing your consumption can have a big effect on your e waste footprint. Reducing the amount of waste you produce is the best way to help the environment. Buy a product only when there is a dire need for it. Don’t just chase the fashion and trend.


One Mantra’s trash is another treasure. Reusing prevents new resources from entering into the consumption phase and old resources from entering into the waste stream. When you really need something new, think about who could benefit and re-use your old technology and appliance by donating the outdated electronics to better use. with that we are reputed old computers buyers in city.


Just like The Midas Touch which converts anything into gold, the process of recycling converts the hazardous waste (old computer, laptop, pc, printers, cpu, electroncis etc) and scrap into a usable form giving it a rebirth. E waste recycling is the last and most effective way of disposing your e waste in an eco-friendly manner. When you recycle, you stop solid and hazardous waste going to landfill saving the natural resources which can be used to manufacture new products, and reduce the use of raw materials.

Kuldeep e Waste Disposals specializes in the collection, transportation and disposal of wide-ranging e Waste materials in strict compliance with the latest provisions of the ‘E Waste Handling and Disposal Rules, 2016’. Also best battery recycling & old computer buyers in pune.

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