What is E-waste?

This term applies to the buyer and business electronic equipment that is close to or toward the finish of its helpful life is called as electronic waste (E-waste). E-waste includes almost any house or company part including circuitry or electrical components with either power or battery supply

How is e waste harmful?

First Thing E-waste can effect on the soil water & air. When e-waste breaks down, it releases heavy toxic elements. These heavy elements include lead, arsenic, and cadmium. When these toxins collapse in the soil, they attack the plants and plants that grow from the soil.

How is e waste processed?

The e-waste process includes 5 Steps See Below:-

1) Collection

2) Transportation

3) Segregation

4) Dismantling

5) Recycling

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How can we control e waste?

Some of the ways you can control your e-waste.

• Donate your unused or defective Electronics

• Sell or donate your Working Electronics to need people.

• Find the Way How you can use your Old Electronics For Eg:- Use your “Old Mobile Phone as a GPS Device”

• Recycle your e-waste With nearby Recycling Center

• Consume Less Electronics to Reduce Your E-Waste

• Store Your Data Online

• Buy Energy Star Rated Appliances

• Educate Yourself on the Materials Used in Electronics

• Buy environmentally friendly electronics.

Where does your e waste go?

It depends on you, what you do With Your E-waste. Most commonly your e-waste Goes to Landfills or Non-Profit Organizations or Recycling Centers or Export in Developing Countries

• If you throw your e-waste in the trash instead of disposing of them properly. Mostly it goes into Landfills.

• If you want to dispose of your E-waste properly, you can donate it to a non-profit organization near you. You can donate your E-waste to e-waste Kuldeep As they are the best E-waste Management Company in Pune near Katraj, Who can collect your e-Waste materials for your home. To donate your e-waste click Here.

• If you don’t know, then for your information, your electronic waste can be Recycle. But For that, you want to take them to E-waste recycling centers that process electronics. To recycle e-waste There Step by Step Process to know More You can Contact E-waste Kuldeep.

• Most of the time Developed Country Export There E-waste To developing Countries for processing Because Of their lower working cost. They Export their Waste to Asian countries like China, Nigeria, Pakistan, Africa, Philippines, etc.

Why E waste is it a problem?

E-waste includes Harmful chemicals such as cancerous mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, nickel, Etc. When these chemicals are split down in landfills, they realize dangerous materials into both air and soil and create a very unhealthy environment. Which directly affects our Healthy Life?

What are the benefits of recycle?

Benefits of Recycling

• Reduces the quantity of scrap sent to landfills

• Protect natural resources such as air, water, and soil.

• Increased job Opportunity

• Reducing the need to collect new raw materials

• Reduce the cost of new Manufacturing.

What are the categories of e waste?

Categories of e waste See Below:-

• Large house appliances: – Freezers, washing machines, dryers, Etc.

• Small house appliances: – toasters, coffee makers, irons, vacuum cleaners, blenders, Etc.

• IT and telecommunications equipment: – Computer, Laptop, mobile phones, printers, scanners, Etc.

• User equipment: – televisions, stereo, video and audio player, Etc.

• Lighting devices: – light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, Etc.

• Electrical and electronic tools: – drills, Cutting & gardening Machine, Etc.

• Electronic toys, sports stuff Etc.

What are the social impacts of e waste?

• E-waste harms people’s health (e.g. lead poisoning and cancerous mercury)

• informal trade and management of E-waste

How much e waste could be recycled in the world?

20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed of worldwide every year. And Out Of Which Only 12 to 20 % of e-waste is currently recycled. All over the World.

What is the best solution for the treatment of electronic waste?

The Best Way to Treatment of electronic waste or E-waste is to recycle it. Or Donate to Need People.