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We buy, sell and accept donations for all types of servers and IT equipment no matter what their purposes were; applications, catalogs, communications, computing, databases, faxes, files, gaming, mail, media, print, proxies, and the web. All servers typically have associated hardware that can be recycled or reused after decommissioning. Server Hardware we recycle from servers includes towers, racks, disks, RAM, CPU’s, hard drives, cables, and more.

Electronics waste commonly referred to as e-scrap or e-waste is the trash we generate from surplus, broken, and obsolete electronic devices. Electronics contains various toxic and unsafe chemicals and materials that are released into the environment if we don’t eliminate them properly. E-waste or electronics recycling is the process of recovering material from old devices to use in new products.

What Are The Advantages Of Server And Workstation Recycling?

When computers are disassembled and old parts are removed, there are numerous new parts that will be made using the rare metals retrieved. In other words, this same material is often utilized in manufacturing new computers that don’t waste precious metals. for instance, metals that are recovered from the circuit card of your computer could also be wont to make new circuit boards.

Workstation and Server Recycling Computers and related accessories contain reusable materials. These materials can help minimize the development costs for the new systems. As you recycle, there’s no got to drain more resources for manufacturing new items which reduce the energy required for manufacturing.

Recycling workstations, servers, and network equipment is an environmentally-friendly process because it prevents hazardous carcinogens from being released. Most of these older electronics were made using harmful materials like mercury and lead. If these materials aren’t handled correctly, they will be harmful to humans, animals, and vegetation.

The hardware recycling process is more energy-efficient than the extracting of the raw materials. This reduces costs and results in less pollution and fewer reliance on minerals that are briefly supplied.


Workstation Collection

Our extensive fleet of vehicles (including purpose-built vehicles) and drivers mean that we will accommodate all sizes of racks and cabinets and can collect all manner of servers, from standalone single units through to finish data centers.

Our favorite aim is to form your life easier which is why we collect from anywhere within the Pune.

Where possible, we’ll aim to scale back , reuse, and recycle any unwanted IT equipment with any revenue obtained from the method getting used to offset your costs.

If we can’t perform the server recycling and destruction process on your site, we’ll do so at our cutting-edge facility in Pune, where we use biomass heating and intelligent lighting to satisfy our carbon neutral aims.

If you’re looking to eliminate servers or other IT equipment during a safe and environmentally-friendly way, reach bent one among our knowledgeable customer service operatives today to ascertain how we will help.

Data Destruction

We offer a complete data destruction service and will securely and safely remove all of your existing data from your computer equipment.

Our experienced team specializes in all types of  IT  Hardware data destruction. When you use our free computer disposal service, we’ll completely erase all of your private data from your hardware, ensuring that your private personal or commercial data is secure and destroyed.

On request, we can provide a complete legally-required data destruction Certificate to give you full confidence that your private data is 100% wiped and irretrievable.

Burning or Melting

This method works perfectly of course, provided the temperature is high enough. It is impossible to carry it out on-site, but that can be solved by transporting the data carriers to the incinerator in an armoured car with plenty of police protection and a massive display of power. The very high costs and extremely harmful environmental effects mean that this method is not used very often. It is definitely effective!

On request, we can provide a complete legally-required data destruction Certificate to give you full confidence that your private data is 100% wiped and irretrievable.

Data Destruction Software

The big advantage of permanent deletion of data with software is that the hard disk is not damaged and the computer can simply be re-used afterward. Furthermore, it is a very safe method, provided it is applied correctly. The only software that overwrites the entire disk with random strings of binary codes can truly erase information from the hard disk.

Physical Destruction of Hard Disk

The major drawback is that the hard disk is lost and the computer in which it was installed loses its value. We have been able to admire plenty of attractive devices on the internet that physical destroy hard disks. One might drill a hole in it, others might fold the disk in half. There are accessories on the market that can push the motor out of a hard disk. All these amateurish gadgets are more or less transportable. However creative they may be, all of these devices offer a false sense of security. A damaged hard disk, whether it has a hole in it, is bent or lacks a motor, it can still be read. You should look at it as though it was paper information. If you crumple or tear up a paper document, that doesn’t mean it is gone. In order to truly destroy information a hard disk must be in pieces, very small pieces. And oh yes… there was also a piece of equipment that ingeniously cut away a small piece of a hard disk at a time. This machine was very expensive and as slow as it was unreliable. A shredder, on the other hand, works perfectly. A shredder is like a giant coffee grinder, grinding the hard disk. A shredder provides total security, provided it crushes finely enough. Normally, a shredder is an enormous machine that cannot be brought to another location. This means the hard disks must be brought to the shredder, which involves security risks.

We can do this with the Kuldeep E-waste disposal hard disk shredder.


Frequently Replaced Electronics

With such a really short useful life, electronics transition into e-waste at a rapid pace. In fact, it had been estimated that on the brink of 500 million unused cell phones are accumulating in people’s homes. Globally, a telephone is sold to around 25% of the population annually, and each year many electronic devices like mobile phones, TVs, computers, laptops, and tablets reach the top of their useful life.

What Happens to Devices at the top of Their Useful Life

Unfortunately, the bulk of those electronic products find yourself in landfills, and just 12.5% of e-waste is recycled. consistent with a UN study, over 41.8 million plenty of e-waste was discarded worldwide, with only 10%–40% percent of disposals appropriately done. Electronics are filled with valuable materials, including copper, tin, iron, aluminum, fossil fuels, titanium, gold, and silver. Many of the materials utilized in making these electronic devices are often recovered, reused, and recycled—including plastics, metals, and glass.

In a report, Apple revealed that it recovered 2,204 pounds of gold —worth $40 million—from recycled iPhones, Macs, and iPads in 2015.


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